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Shul E-Mail Sent to Spam

A congregant who is remaining anonymous to protect his identity has admitted to sending his shul's weekly e-mail to spam. He explained that if it was actually a weekly e-mail, it would probably not have been sent to spam but it is becoming more like a daily e-mail.

According to the analytics on a surveyed batch of Shul e-mails only about 20 percent of congregants on average actually open the shul e-mails.

Shul e-mail expert, Shalom Dadon, explained that sometimes shul e-mails do contain important information but many congregants feel that many details in the shul e-mail are useless at best and asking for money at worst. He suggested that shuls simply send out information of who sponsored the kiddush as this will let them know how big and how good the kiddush is bound to be. Dadon said that some shuls have seen increase in their e-mail opening by stating what time the kiddush will start.

One angry congregant of a shul told Schmaltz News, "more has to be done to protect congregants from the barrage of shul e-mails, otherwise more and more people are going to be placing the shul e-mails in their spam folder, it is as simple as that".

Other congregants have said that they don't experience this shul e-mail overload issue. Speaking on behalf of these congregants, Yossi Shmueli said "You would have to be out of your mind to give the shul an e-mail address that you actually use, I and many others give our AOL and hotmail addresses which we haven't used in years, you know the same ones you put when an e-mail account is mandatory for some company that you are simply getting a once-off deal out of".

The shul that had their e-mail sent to spam has not yet given comment.

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