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Father of 4 Knows Where All His Kids Are At Shul

In a rare feat of supernatural supervision a father four successfully kept tabs on all four of his children at shul.

It is yet to be determined if he knew the whereabouts of his children at all times or only at some point during the services but either which way it is an uncommon and certainly newsworthy feat.

Speaking to schmaltznews shortly after shabbos went out the father said:

"I don't know, I just looked around and saw my youngest by the candy man, my two eldest throwing candies at each other and my 3rd child making pepsi, salt and cholent soda mixes at the kiddush. I was quiet for a few seconds and then it dawned on me that I actually know where all my kids at shul are."

The father said that while he wanted to celebrate the unique event, his duties as a member of the shul safety committee meant that he was tied up in meetings and unable to celebrate.

The Rabbi of the shul was also quite pleased with this turn of events and said that he would welcome the media attention as an addendum to his soon to be launched crowdfunding campaign for the shul.

"It is stories like these that make donors keep on giving to us".

The children were not fully aware of the feat and went out to friends for shabbos afternoon. The celebrating father was not exactly sure which friends they went to but was pleased to hear from somebody that he did see them walking out with a reportedly responsible family in the community.

This article is l'zchus all those who submitted he'aros to the OT Kovetz

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