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Matzah Merchant Opens Up About The Effects of Corona on Matza Prices

A matzah merchant has opened up about how the Corona Virus is going to effect the cost of matzahs.

The Brooklyn based merchant who prefers not to be named due to other legal matters, has stated that Corona Virus will undoubtedly increase the price of Matzah.

In an industry which appreciates haste, the merchant hastily prepared a statement that said as follows: "Many of the matzah factories in Wu-Han have been closed for several weeks, hampering the import of matzah into the United States".

Media outlets were quick to point out that the price of Matzah went up last year and there was no Corona Virus. The merchant shot back that there is mark-up for market correction that adds up every single year.

The matzah merchant who spoke to the media also sells Esrogim and said that no matter what happens with the Corona Virus, the prices of Esrogim will spiral as well. "The esrogim orchards in Wu-Han have also been devastated", he added.

While customers are preparing to fork out more for matzah, some have threatened to go sephardic and have matzah tortillas. One such customer said, "It has been my dream to have Taco Tuesdays even on Pesach and I think I will go through with it this year".

It remains to be seen the overall effect of the virus on Matzah prices but as things shape up, people may be scrambling to find leniencies on the size of a kzayis.

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