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Orthodox Vegan Reveals She Ran A Marathon

A Jewish orthodox lady has revealed to her friends in what was a very difficult announcement that she ran a marathon. It is the same lady that has a difficult time sharing with others that she is vegan and has experimented with cross-fit.

While sitting among a group of friends, the lady painfully revealed that she ran the marathon to improve her health and that it was one of the hardest things that she has ever done in her life. In an incredibly raw tell-all conversation with The Schmaltz, the lady said how she trained for weeks in the lead up to the marathon.

"Before I signed up for the marathon, I didn't know much about running but after walking into a running store and buying the pair of sneakers that the store clerk said were the best for running, I really thought that I could do the marathon".

The lady completed the half marathon in under 3 and half hours or "3 hours 29 minutes and 15 seconds" as she likes to say.

Having initially had trouble telling people about running the marathon, the lady feels that many can benefit from her marathon running experiences and therefore is sharing her veganism and marathon feats with whoever she comes across.

"I feel that people that run marathons, particularly unathletic orthodox Jewish people have stigma connected with their marathon running and therefore bottle up their stories of courage. I want to show them that running marathons is not something to be ashamed of but rather something that is worth sharing with all".

While her family appreciates the feat, some friends have said that ever since the lady initially revealed the marathon feat, it has been hard to change the topic of conversation.

For now, the lady is speaking about her plans to run more marathons and is hoping for corporate and school bookings to tell more people about her marathon running.

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