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7-11 Will Not Reschedule 7-11

7-11 have stated that they do not intend on re-scheduling 7-11. A massive outcry broke out over the fact that the Free Small Slurpee Day, traditionally July 11th fell out on the Jewish fast day of the 17th of Tammuz. This prevented many people from getting a free small Slurpee as the promotion only ran until 7 PM.

Some 7-11 fanatics got their free Slurpee anyway and put them in the freezer for after the fast.

Rabbonim in the community were very busy fielding calls regarding heterim in order to obtain the free Slurpee.

One angry 7-11 customer said:

"Where does it end?! Next thing you know they will schedule Bring Your Own Cup Day to fall out on Yom Kippur."

Many petitioned 7-11 to give another day for people to get their free small Slurpee but 7-11 denied the request.

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