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Experts Say Home Made Challah is Best Except For French Toast

Food experts have finally proven with definitive testing that home made challah is best, except for French Toast. The experts were selected based on their abilities to take many pictures of any half decent meal they eat and share it on instagram. This narrowed the field down to about 3,000,000.

The experts put home made challah and bakery bought challah through the rigors of their testing and then released their findings.

1. The First Hamotzi Slice Test

In the first Hamotzi slice test, bakery bought and home made challah were cut in a massive hurry and ungainly fashion, while the person cutting the challah ripped a piece and stuffed it in his own mouth. The challah was then dipped hurriedly in salt and after all that, the home made challah scored significantly higher.

2. Ability to hold Chummus, Matboucha and Babaganoush

In the ability to hold chummus, matboucha and babganoush test, the challah had to do exactly that. Home made challah came through the test with an all round score of 9/10 and store bough bakery challah scored significantly lower for failing to fully hold all the matboucha drippings as the matboucha saturated into the chummus and babaganoush. The home made challah was even able to hold chrain stained gefilte fish drippings with ease.

3. The French Toast Test

The experts waited till Sunday morning before administering the French Toast test and in this regard bakery challah came up trumps by a country mile. Something about the bakery challah soaked up the eggs and milk mixture better. It was an absolute win for the underdogs but proved what we have known for a long time, store bought challah is best for French Toast.

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