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Rabbi: Jared and Ivanka Get Heter for Music in the Three Weeks

With the three weeks around the corner, many Jews around the world prepare to mark this mourning period with no music and other restrictions. It will then comes as news that a rabbinic authority, who advises Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump has given a specific heter for Jared and Ivanka to listen to music during the 3 weeks. The heter extends to even live performances when attending to official White House business.

The authority explained that very often when heads of state come to the White House, the anthem or other music of that country will play softly in the background and it would be offensive for Jared or Ivanka to have to block their ears or walk out.

While Ivanka has admitted to having an extensive Acapella playlist for sefira and the 3 weeks, she says that her father is not all that keen on many of the tracks. In fact, Trump once even tweeted, "Love Orthodox Jewish Tacos but really not a fan of their Acapella Music".

Ivanka said that getting the heter came as a relief as they were really not sure whether they would be granted so much lee way after difficulties in the past.

Merging a Torah observant lifestyle and a high ranking White House position has not been easy for Jared and Ivanka with rabbinic heterim proving hard to come by.

From the very first Friday of inauguration, it was quite obvious that there was going to be some clashes but this heter will go a long way to easing these clashes.

The Rabbi included in the heter, a heter for the Kushners as in Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to listen to music while exercising even when not on official White House exercising business.

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