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Piece of Tomato Too Big For Israeli Salad

A piece of tomato was recently rejected from being part of an Israeli for being too big. Spokesperson for the well known organization "Healthy Image of Cut Vegetables" is abhorred with the thought that a piece of tomato could be rejected from a salad for being too big.

The spokeswoman for the organization issued the following statement, "In an age where tomatoes struggle so deeply with their self-mage and tomatoes sold at supermarkets trying to outdo each other for skinniness, it is deplorable that a piece of tomato be rejected from a salad for being too big".

Israeli Salad International hit back at the group by saying that if vegetables are cut too big then they are simply not Israeli Salad. "They are welcome to be part of garden salad, fresh salad or even house salad but they simply cannot be Israeli salad". "It is not a case of discrimination based on size, it is simple differentiation on the basis of identity, I mean we wouldn't allow grapefruits in Israeli Salad either not because we discriminate against grapefruits".

The outcast piece of Tomato was apparently not entirely discarded but rather added to a batch of tomatoes that were waiting for the frying pan to be made into shakshuka.

Healthy Image of Cut Vegetables stated regarding this that everybody knows that inferior vegetables are used for shakshuka whereas the more pristine vegetables are used for Israeli Salad.

Further complicating the matter is the fact that the Tomato that was discarded from the salad was a minor. It is not certain if the parents of the Tomato are going to press discriminatory charges. It seems that they were blended for Gazzpacho before filing any motions.

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