Hand in Hand Remake Scheduled for 2025

May 24, 2018

The makers of Hand-in-Hand have reportedly signed a multi-million dollar contract to remake the great Hand-in-Hand movie of the 90's.



Some of the grown-up stars who were originally cast in Hand-in-Hand 1 have endorsed the new project. 


The burgeoning industry saw it as a matter of time before the iconic movie had a sequel.


Makers of Hand-in-Hand 2 were reported as saying:


"We released the first Hand-in-Hand when there was not too much competition in the market but we are confident that Hand-in-Hand 2 and the timeless lesson we bring will be well accepted".


People on the street were excited too about the upcoming project.


"Our kids have watched all the Mitzvah Boulevards and I think in our house Bella Brocha has gone to the wedding about 3,000 times, so we are excited that a new great movie will be coming out".


Final plans for the release of Hand-in-Hand 2 will be made closer to the release date. But people could look forward to special effects and other great extras.


A well-known expert on kids frum entertainment expert has said:


"Hand-in-Hand was a trailblazer in the industry and we look forward to seeing what the 2nd one brings".


"We have seen a lot of these puppet centric frum videos lately and this should be a breath of fresh air."


The French Twins will not feature in this one as they work on the re-release of all their youtube clips with over 1000 views again.

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