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Tolerance Professor Explains Intolerance

A tolerance professor has said that she is fed up with having to prcatice what she preaches when it comes to being tolerant of others.

"I am a professor, I preach, I don't practice, practices are for doctors, attorneys and chartered accountants".

The professor of tolerance and multi-cultutalism has said that hypocricy is par for the course among many university professors and she is just in a tougher position as she essentially is a teacher of tolerance.

Never missing a chance to enter into a long and winding philosophical point the professor contended:

"All the people who are coming out and saying that I am intolerant are intolerant themselves of the fact that I am intolerant, a little bit of tolerance would go along way on their part".

A publicist for the professor hs come out and said that this was just the professor preparing for class with a case study in intolerance and how social media may react to it.

The tolerance professor has been working on a short-list of courses to be offered next semester:

"Selective Tolerance" is one that seems to be popular in this day and age.

"Losing your temper but keeping your title" is another course that will be offered.

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