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Polo Releases Official Logoless Upstate Summer White Polo Shirt

Polo has offcially released their logoless upstate summer white polo shirt. This was the only item in the Polo Boro Park 2018 Catalog. There was a rumor that a different shade of white polo would also be featured but that was not to be just the regular white.

A Polo spokesperson and fashion director spoke to Schmaltz News about the new shirt:

"It is much like the summer polo shirt of 2017 and 2003, it is white and has no logo. We thought about adding a different hue of white but meetings stalled at whether white was every color or the absence of any color".

The shirt will be available in most Boro Park retailers soon after Shavuos. Shoppers have expressed keen interest in buying the shirt.

The spokesperson went on to say that while the shirt is a stand alone fashion item of great propoertions, it is always best worn with some necessary accessories.This includes an oversized phone case. The shirt is not like other polo shirts in that it is best worn tucked in. Black dress pants are the preferred pants and a big buckled belt.

Polo thanked the community for their continued support and said that despite the fact that there are no other options, the business is appreciated.

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