Meir Kay To Be Unveiled as Shliach To the Homeless

November 8, 2017

The Kinnus Hashluchim group photo will take place outside 770. With the banquet moving to New Jersey, anxious Shluchim and kinnus fans were relieved to hear that the Kinnus photo would still be held outside 770.


Journalists were seen clamoring for more info on Wednesday and were relieved to have this fascinating bit of news to take back and report on.




There was a large chorus of people who thought that it might be a good idea to have the group photo outside Raskin's Fruit Store where a prominent box of watermelons would be a nice prop. 


Photographers have not released details of how they will be taking the group photo. The 770 entrepreneurial board of Bochurim have said that there will be selfie sticks for sale so that Shluchim can snap their selfie and then post mandatorily on social media, "Just a group pic with 6,000 of my colleagues."


Kinnus organizers have said that Meir Kalmenson won't need to photobomb the Kinnus photo in a Batman Suit as they have reserved him a front row seat as they will unveil him as the Shliach to the homeless. 


The Kinnus App will have an updated version for gaining points during the Kinnus photo. It remains to be seen which Shliach will win but coffee down a fellow shliach's back is sure to score highly.

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