Angry Customer Not Just Looking For A Freebie

August 23, 2017

A customer who had a bad experience has reported that he was genuinely angry about his experience. 



What made this rare was the fact that he wasn't looking for a freebie or his money back.


He issued the following statement:


"Most times I write letters of complaint I am just looking for a freebie or my money back but this time I was genuinely angy."


The company has offered to replace the product that the man is angry about however the man says that he will remain angry. 


"I have been left with no choice but to be angry but my anger may subside if they make me a really good offer."


The man admitted that he wasn't entirely convinced with his purchase to begin with and had a pre-prepared letter of complaint seeking compensation, he just wasn't aware that he would become genuinely angry.

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