Baal Koreh Corrected by Hundreds

June 16, 2017

A Brooklyn Baal Koreh was corrected last shabbos by over a hundred congregants in his Flatbush shul. He pronounced "Paroi" with a "Pey" instead of "Faroi" with a "Fey".




Describing the incident, the still visibly shaken Baal Koreh, who is fighting for his job said, "It was all going smoothly, I hit every trop and even the mapik hey's, it was all perfect when all of a sudden, hundreds were bellowing together "Faroi, Faroi, Faroi.""


The Baal Koreh has since been checked by an ENT who found no long term damage despite the exposure to the very high decibel correction.


Gabbai of the Shul, Moshe Gold said that the shul maintains a very high standard of Krias Hatorah and encourages as many people as possible to shout the Baal Koreh down for even the slightest, even questionable misstep. 


Shul goers too have expressed their pleasure at the correction. One shul goer told Schmaltz News "It is important that we correct the Baal Koreh vociferously, it keeps the laining exciting and the people on their toes".


The Rabbi of the shul initially declined to comment and then went on to comment for a good hour said that he was thinking of giving the gabbai a taser to give the Baal Koreh a prod for any possible mistakes. 



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