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Nominations for Jewish Music Hall of Fame

In the Jewish world, it is far too 'gaavahdik' to have a Hall of Fame of Jewish singers. Therefore there is only a hall of fame of Jewish musical items. The class of 2020 has proven to be a very stern examination but here are some of the nominations for the inductees to the Jewish Music Hall of Fame for objects.

1. Mordechai Shapiro's Umbrella

Indoor or outdoors, rain or shine. It is always a good time for Mordy Shap to rock the stage with his umbrella. Bad luck for some but not for Mordy, he has got the moves and he has got a black umbrella to match those moves.

2. MBD's index finger and pinky

No good MBD song is complete without MBD, hooking his left pinky out and dipping down with his index finger. Painful, as it may be, MBD has agreed to part with his index and pinky for the Jewish music hall of fame.

3. Avrohom Fried's heels and pushke

Avremel is famed for many things including his pushke and his heels, he is willing to part with them as they become inducted in the Jewish music hall of fame.

4. Shwekey's Glasses Collection

From yeshivish to contemporary, from vintage to chic, Shweky has a pair of glasses for all seasons. He is willing to part with them for the Jewish Music Hall of Fame. If he does not want to give all of them, some will be taken as replacements from Mendy J as fill ins.

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