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Top 5 Rebbi and Rabbi Shoes

SAS Timeout Shoes

These are the undisputed champions of Rabbi shoes. If you are a Rov of any dignity you will get yourself a pair of these. They are not cheap but these are the pinnacle of Rabbi shoes.

New Balance Black Sneaker

If you are a budding Rabbi then this is the perfect shoe for you. Very comfortable and very well priced. The SAS shoes may be for the more experienced or heavier Rabbi, the New Balance Black sneaker is great for slender Rabbis who spend many hours on their feet.

Cole Haan Loafer

Rabbi's will often choose this shoe for Shabbos and Yom Tov. It is a safe choice and looks particularly good on a more diminutive Rabbi. Rabbis may shop the entire Cole Haan selection of black shoes with a particular focus on wingtip shoes. Rabbis with smaller budgets may look at Rockports and Florsheims.

Nike Air Monarch Black

The ultimate shoe for a Rabbi going to do outdoor activities. Checks all three boxes of being, big, bulky and black.

Double Buckle Shabbos Shoes

If you are a hipster or young at heart Rabbi, then go for any double buckle shoes. Throw in a dark brown or navy blue or even suede and you will have just taken the "with-it" Rabbi look to the next level.

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