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Trump Cancels Shul Board Meeting

Unbeknown to many, Donald Trump is a board member of a well established shul.

There has been an ongoing standoff between Trump and another board member, Kalman Yona Unsdorfer, regarding elections for the new chariman.

Trump has long been of the opinion that no meetings should take place for the new chairmanship unless Unsdorfer would be willing to stop hostile tactics towards members of the synagogue.

Unsdorfer has long been barred from coming to the kiddush and not too many people even know what he is up to.

In what seemed like a huge step in the direction of the shul board meeting actually going ahead, Unsdorfer returned 3 tables that he had taken from the shul and was holding hostage.

Another great omen for the fact that the meeting might go ahead was the fact that Unsdorfer met with a shul board neighbor on a sidewalk between their houses.

It was agreed upon that the shul board meeting would go ahead but that all came to a crashing halt with some sharp rhetoric from Undorfer.

Unsodrfer reportedly sent out a message saying:

"I have the power to take all the kibbudim in shul, including Maftir Yona and Chazak".

Trump viewed this rhetoric as too agressive and therefore called the shul meeting off.

In a letter he wrote:

"There are kibbudim in this shul that are powerful and massive beyond you and I pray to Hashem every day that these kibbudim don't land up in the hands of people like you".

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