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Yeshiva Educators Pleased the World is Discussing Questions like: What do you here?

The world has been taken by storm by an audio question that has many Yeshiva educators very pleased.

Speaking on behalf of all yeshivos, a spokesman has said that it is about time that people pondered their existence with questions like "What do you here?"

The spokesman went on to say that the symantics of the question are profound as opposed to saying "what are you doing here"?

"It has a poetic ring to it "What do you here?, like why were you created?"

The Rabbi was puzzled that 50 per cent of the students said they existed becuase of Yanny and the other 50 per cent said they existed because of Laurel.

"We do not condone such shtusim and would have preferred more Torah value answers but either which way we are pleased that people are pondering their existence."

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