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Just In: 23 Year Old Bochur Open to Dating Girl of Same Age

Schmaltz News has recently learned of a 23 year old bochur living in Crown Heights who openly confessed to the fact that he is willing to date a girl of the same age.

The news spread like wildfire and people were left gobsmacked at the development.

Community leaders have advised Schmaltz News not to release the name of the bochur, they fear for his safety.

Schmaltz News can however confirm that the bochur does not have a criminal record as was previously speculated by people in the neighborhood.

A friend of the bochur who spoke on condition of anonymity made the following statement:

" I have known Sholom (name has been changed) all my life, he was just a regular guy, in zal, drunk at farbrengens and enjoying excotic Merkos Shlichus, I am not sure what could have triggered this outlandish possibility in his mind."

Rabbonim have said that there is nothing halachically wrong with what the bochur is willing to do but it is certainly uncommon.

Mothers have been keeping their eligible sons away from the news to ensure that there aren't others who have such outlandish ideas.

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