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Man Buys Weightlifting Belt in the Hope of Getting Hagbah

Hagbah is a much coveted honor in many shuls. Shul congregants can show their lifting prowess and wow others with their ability to lift the Torah with many columns.

One shul participant who felt that he was being snubbed by the Gabbai many times for the honor of lifting the Torah has purchased a weightlifting belt in the hope of increasing his chances.

Mr. Levi purchased the belt and has told schmaltznews, "I intend on wearing the belt over my jacket like a gartel for the Gabbai to see that I am right, ready and equipped to do Hagbah on any Torah".

Gabboim from around the world have said that they will not necessarily give Hagbah to a guy with a weightlifting belt as they would simply think that it is a back brace and they certainly would not give Hagbah to a guy with a bad back.

Should the weightlifting belt fail, Mr. Levi has a plan B. He revealed that he would chalk his hands right around the middle of the last Aliya and then dust his hands off right in front of the Gabbai for the Gabbai to see that he is equipped for the honor of Hagbah.

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