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Benny Friedman will send stunt double to cheaper Pesach Program

With Pesach programs all over the place, Chassidic superstars are in high demand. Household names like Benny Friedman, Avraham Fried and MBD are some of the most sought after performers. Meir Kay is also in high demand proving once again that lots of high fives, long hair and free haircuts are a recipe for success.

Even fill-in wedding singers can usually get themselves a Pesach program gig. With such high demand, Benny Friedman has revealed that he will be holding "Jewish Star" style auditions, named "Who can be the next Benny Friedman?".

The winner will be selected as a Benny Friedman double to go and perform at a cheaper Pesach program, where the speakers aren't so famous and the food is not that good.

When asked whether the winner would go by his own name or Benny Friedman, Friedman said that he was thinking of something along the lines of Benny Fried.

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