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Hechsher on Kosher Super Bowl does not extend to the entertainment

A large hechsher has issued a statement that Kosher Super Bowl Partys is strictly a reference to the food served at the Super Bowl Party and not a reference to the entertainment.

A mashgiach speaking to the Schmaltz on condition of anonymity said:

"Tom Brady is surprisingly not Jewish or anti-semitic but that does not mean that the game that he plays well and all the other things around the game are Kosher".

The statement was lengthy and laid out some very well made points:

"A lot of the adverts are as treif as Cold Pressed Juicery and some are even closer to a Big Mac Burger in terms of their Kashrus."

The statement went on to say:

"If people are eating at Super Bowl parties, they should definitely eat kosher food but eating kosher food does not make the entertainment kosher."

The mahgiach went on to say that one thing is for certain, "as Yidden we don't kneel unless it is Aleinu on the Yomim Noraim."

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