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Frum Websites To Scrap All Content For Extra Ads

A coalition of Frum Websites have got together and decided that they will be scrapping all content to put more ads on their sites.

A spokesperson on behalf of the sites was quoted as saying:

"We intend to add (excuse the pun) more of those pop-ads and also some ads that actually look like content so that it confuses some people into clicking on it, we will in fact be replacing all content with ads".

The coalition did say that they would not yet add pop-up ads that open new windows and bring malware and other bad viruses to user computers.

Asked about how they intend to announce mazel tovs and condolences, the coalition said that they would find a way to do it through ads. Instead of announcing engagements people will have to advertise their engagement and advertise their own death presumably as well.

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