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Cholent Execs Go To War Over Winter Motzei Shabbos Pizza

Cholent Executives have teamed up with Rabbonim and butchers to go to war with Motzei Shabbos Pizza.

Speaking on behalf of the organization Laizer Wolf said, "Motzei Shabbos Pizza is tearing away at the fabric of our Shabbos day meals, there are countless people who are not eating fleishiks wholeheartedly at Seudas Shabbos so that they can have pizza and ice-cream on Motzei Shabbos, Hashem Yishmor".

Rabbonim have said that this is an issue where every family needs to get involved to ensure that Motzei Shabbos Pizza does not ruin shabbos lunch.

Wolf said that more of a psak was hoped for in a bid to end the constant "When will I be milchik?"on Motzei Shabbos question.

Butchers too, have added their voice to the growing number of businesses that are disenchanted with the Motzei Shabbos Pizza epidemic.

Cholent Executives have said that in the Summer 33 per cent of all cholent made lands up in a dumpster and that grows to about 47 per cent in the Winter. This increase is undoubtedly because of more people who want to be michik when Shabbos goes out earlier.

Vegetarians have sided with the Motzei Shabbos Pizza movement, while vegans have said that they side with neither organization.

Peace talks have been scheduled for later next week, where a decision will be made.

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