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Things Heat Up As Crown Heights Realtor Shortage Continues

Crown Heights is in the midst of a major realtor shortage crisis.

A spokesman for "More Crown Heights Realtors" said on Friday that the Crown Heights realtor shortage crisis is much like the shidduch crisis, there are a lot of properties that need to be leased out and rented out and there are no realtors who are willing to advertise and show these apartments to couples or singles. This is like when there is a shortage of bochurim in the shidduch crisis.

A woman's rights activist came out against the statement and said that the correlation between girls and apartments was "off-color" at best and more likely just blatant anti-women rhetoric.

The activist was quoted as saying: "We can understand what a realtor crisis is without having to compare unmarried girls to apartments".

More Crown Heights Realtors hit back and said that once again attention is being diverted from the core issue and that is the shortage of realtors.

"We will go beyond this unnecessary rhetoric and introduce guidelines as to how to properly treat realtors so that more people would be inclined to be realtors in Crown Heights."

These guidelines are set to include things like:

1. Don't doubt the legitimacy of any realtor that simply says that they do "real estate".

2. Allow people who have googled "how to do real estate" to be called realtors.

3. Give preferential treatment at sushi and coffee places to realtors.

4. Like and share posts of realtors in Crown Heights, even if they are not real estate related.

Time will tell if this will have an impact on the dearth of Crown Heights Realtors.

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