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Bezos To Consider Crown Heights for HQ2

Amazon is looking for a 2nd headquarters, HQ2 as it is being called. Many cities from around the United States have made attempts to lure Bezos to plant the 150 billion dollar economic injection in their own city. Bezos however said that Crown Heights may just be a viable option.

Bezos went on the record to say, "We will need about 50,000 employees to manage HQ2 and Crown Heights already has about 30,000 Amazon Sellers so it would be a huge benefit to us in filling positions."

Bezos' comments came after Crown Heights proved on Sunday that they have the "food scene" to satisfy a potential Amazon Headquarter location.

Bezos has said that he has also been in touch with local community leaders who have said that they would welcome a move by Bezos as long as he does not give an opinion on the Eruv or other communal matters.

Bezos for his part has said that Amazon has no opinion on the Crown Heights Eruv but would be happy to sell supplies to people who want to put the Eruv up and supplies to those who want to cut the Eruv down.

Such an impartial position along with all the infrastructure definitely make the possibility of Amazon Headquarters in Crown Heights a tantalizing prospect.

The Kinnus Hashluchim of 2028 may even be held at Amazon HQ2, which Kinnus Hashluchim remains to be seen. Amazon did say that HQ2 would break up the Razag, Oholei Torah monopoly on wedding halls as Beis Rivkah doesn't really count unless it is a wedding organized by the Vaad.

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