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Minyonim Brace For the Return of Tachnun

Minyan makers and daveners around the world braced themselves Thursday for the return of Tachnun on Monday morning.

The Tachnun Crisis Center has been monitoring closely Tachnun as it is set to make a definite strike on minyan mainland Monday morning.

The gabbai of a large Miami shul, Yoni Markson said: "It was nice to be Tachnun free for a while but we have our tachnun preparedness plan in place and we are quite confident that minyanim will survive and thrive despite tachnun."

Some other members in the shul were not as confident though. One minyan maker who preferred to remain anonymous said, "I thought I would be ok when all the people came back from Eretz Yisroel but I was not, so the return of Tachnun scares me".

Shul Management President, Shlomo Dovide has said that there are emergency "laidigaiers" in most big minyan cities that could fill in should the return of Tachnun lead to a crisis. and shortages.

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