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Jewish Balabusta Admits "I made too many Cholipshkes"

It was a rare occasion Monday night as a Jewish Balabusta admitted that she had made too many "cholipshkes". Cholipshkes are a traditional dish of cabbage stuffed with meat, served on sukkot along with the prevailing custom to have about 100 leftover when sukkot comes to an end.

The New York Balabusta did not want to admit defeat to easily when on Motzei Shabbos Breishis she said that there would be no fresh food from the kitchen until the cholipshkes were finished. She, however, had to admit defeat when the cholipshkes were still sitting on the table Sunday Night and the majority of the family opting for leftover Challah with peanut butter and jelly.

Having defiantly eaten 2 "cholipshkes" herself, after a helping of leftover gefilte fish, the Balabusta then conceded, "I think I made too many Cholipshkes". The Balabusta reasoned that there would not have been

cholipshkes left if the kids did not eat so many candies at shul.

Speaking on behalf of the kids to Schmaltz News, Yanki said, "if cholipshkes were candy we would have eaten them but kids and cholipshkes are like swimming pools and cell phones, they don't really go together."

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