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Belligerent Father Will Not Sing "Dip The Apple in the Honey" at Rosh Hashana Table

A belligerent father has openly admitted that he will not be singing "Dip the Apple in the Honey" at his Rosh Hashana table.

As the family gathered for dinner Tuesday night, the calm father explained to his wife and children that the famous Rosh Hashana song will not be sung at their Rosh Hashana table.

The man's wife told Schmaltz News:

"He did not give a reason for this but did say that he felt that the song trivializes Rosh Hashana into simply two days of dipping apples into honey".

When approached for comment, the father said:

"If the words of the song were 'Daven to Hashem, Hear the Shofar and Dip the Apple in the Honey, say a tefillah and make the brochois loud and clear, l'shana tova umesukah have a happy sweet new year', then I would consider singing it at my table."

The Pomegranate Farmers Union have stood with the father of this family in not singing "Dip the Apple", they have said that there ought to be a song that is more inclusive of other Rosh Hashana fruits and foods.

Apple Rights Activists shot back at the Pomegranate Farmers Union and said that this is not a case of fruit and food discrimination but just a case of a song that has gone viral before viral was even a thing.

The family did say that some members of the family would sing the song in the kitchen or under their breaths.

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