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Fire Department Called To Get Bochur Out of Fitted Suit Pants

A bochur returned from a wedding late Tuesday and was unable to get out of his fitted suit pants. Numerous attempts, including the assistance of friends to help him get out of the pants proved futile.

Left with no choice, the bochurim called the Fire Department to bring the "jaws of life" to help pry the hapless bochur from his tightly fitted suit pants.

Fire Department spokesman Jeff Stanley said:

"We have had a number of incidents of bochurim and men losing circulation of blood in the legs due to tight fitting suits but never before have we been called to actually pry the individual from his pants."

Stanley went on to say:

"Not only were the pants impossible to remove they were also notably too short".

The embarrassed bochur has said that it will not deter him from putting on the pants again and he will avoid the issue by avoiding the dessert table".

Bystanders have said that avoiding the dessert table may not be enough.

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