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North Courier to Change Name

A well known courier company has said that they will be changing their name. Business has taken a hit since the uptick in aggression from North Korea.

CEO of the company says that many people have asked us about our name and some people have even sent us mail thinking that we are some sort of office for North Korea.

One guy sent a message saying:

"Hey, think you can deliver my package via nuclear missile? How much will it cost?"

It was after this that we decided that a change in name may bring in more business and less anger towards our harmless company.

The name was chosen pretty randomly and we thought it was a very "safe" name. It just goes to show that nothing in this world is truly "safe" anymore.

The company says that they have already tried a line of positive advertising like:

"We deliver the goods without any nuclear fallout"

"We don't want to nuke anyone"

"Our CEO is not Kim Jong Un"

"We deliver at missile speed"

The proposed new name will be Peace Courier.

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