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Man Does His Bit By Sending Thoughts and Prayers

A man has done his bit in aiding hurricane and flood victims by sending his thoughts and prayers.

Jack Mensery said:

"I was not sure who to think about or pray for so I thought and prayed for John Smith, because I am sure that there is a John Smith that was effected".

Jack noted how he usually only prays on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur or when he cannot find a parking space or when his sports team losing, this is what makes it all the more notable that he sent thoughts and prayers.

Speaking to other news media outlets, Jack said:

"Thoughts and prayers are usually something that is private and would be sent without letting other people know that I sent them but it was important to me for people to know that I was an upstanding citizen who sent thoughts and prayers".

One newscaster went so far as to say that if a person doesn't make a social media post about their thoughts and prayers then they have not really sent thoughts and prayers.

Jack said that it took him about 30 seconds to send his thoughts and prayers, he could have done it quicker but he was really thinking and praying about the flood victims and not just saying that he thought and prayed about them.

Jack considered a donation but did not want to take away from his meaningful thoughts and prayers.

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