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Wedding Halls To Make Mirror Mechitzas Mandatory

Wedding halls have band together to create a blanket statement regarding mechitzas at weddings. The new regulations mean that wedding halls all need to have mirror mechitzas. This was in response to the poor dancing from many wedding goers.

A spokesman on behalf of the wedding halls issued the following statement:

"We came to a point where people were doing things on the dance floor that they would need to see themselves in the mirror doing so that they could understand that they should simply stop. People who dance poorly are not the problem, it is people that dance poorly and think they are dancing well. We have seen people doing outrageous moves that just is not good dancing and feel that mirror mechitzas are the best deterrent".

In the statement the Wedding Halls went on to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing a regular circle dance or hopping on a dancing train.

"Generally people who dance in big groups do pretty normal stuff, it is when they do some of the individual moves that they should really be looking themselves in the mirror".

Some wedding revelers were left wondering what effect the new mechitza ruling would have on wedding dancing.

A party planner said that she thought it would create a return of the more moderate dancing.

Wedding singers and bands have said that dance is a means of expression and people should feel free to express themselves as they want. The wedding halls retorted and said that they appreciate freedom of expression and are installing the mirrors as a courtesy and a favor to the patrons. The Wedding Halls said that there would probably be more weddings as shadchanim would not be so turned off by some of the single people dance moves, it is therefore also in their best interest.

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