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Organization Left With Zero as Matching Fundraising Campaign Time Runs Out

A prominent organization that put hundreds of hours into a charity matching campaign was left with none of their hundreds of donations as time on their matching campaign ran out.

A spokesperson on behalf of the fundraising matching platform said:

"We are so disappointed that the organization couldn't meet their deadline. They seem to be a wonderful organization but people don't care to give to their cause and therefore we don't think that they should get any of the money raised".

The organization was disappointed but understood the conditions of the matching campaign.

"We thought we could reach our goal but we couldn't so we think that it is fair and just to give the money back to people who did care to donate".

Some of the matching platforms staff were laughing as they said:

"We are yet to see an organization that hasn't met their goal. If you can't meet your goal with our platform you should probably not be fundraising and it is a good sign that you should stop."

The organization still needs the funds and hopes to hold a grand lemonade sale to make up for the missing funds.

We want to think of it as a matching campaign with lemonade. For every lemonade you buy we charge you for four so your contribution is quadrupled.

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