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Jewish Man Upset To See Other Jews At Vacation Destination

A Jewish Man has displayed his displeasure at seeing other Jews at his weekend vacation destination.

While the man did not expressly say anything mean to the other Jews, the fake smile and half hearted head nod when passing by them was enough to show his sheer displeasure.

Schmaltz News caught up with the man and he gave an enthralling interview. 

"When I travel for vacation, I love a destination with a minyan and kosher food but I don't want to see other Jews. I often plan my trips around these things and then time and time again I get upset to see other Jews."

Further on in the interview the man had this to say. 

"Sometimes I get over my upset feeling and then just look at some people and wonder how they are affording this kind of vacation."

In conclusion, the man said:

"I am not judgemental and have immense Ahavas Yisroel but would prefer to love other Jews when they don't vacation where I vacation".

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