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Single Lady Happy to Be Seated Next To Toddler on Flight

A single lady has said that she was very pleased to board the plane and realize that she was assigned a seat right next to a toddler.

"I love kids", the single lady said about her seat.

Initially the lady thought that there might be a lot of moving hiccups with the parents wanting to change an already sagging diaper but it seems the parents were content with the sagging diaper for the duration of the flight. The feat was all the more impressive as the woman was in the middle with the child and her darling toddler sister on the window and aisle.

"I am not the heroine here, the lady in front of the child had her seat kicked constantly and with some ferocity. She was truly brave."

Asked about the most challenging part of the flight, the single woman replied that all the dirty looks from flyers who thought that she was the toddler's mother were tough to take.

More single people should fly next to toddlers and infants, it will give them an appreciation for singledom said the woman in another news interview.

The mother of the child was pleased that the passenger was happy to have her child next to her.

This is an unusual reaction. 

The mother went on to say:

"I no longer judge flights by how long I sleep but rather how many dirty looks, mean comments and retaliatory kicks in chair backs I get. It really is a case of less is more."

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