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Calabrian Esrog Deaths Ignored by Leftist Mainstream Media

The mainstream media were silent for another day on the continuing Calabrian Esrog crisis. The death toll on Calabrian Esrogim is in the thousands and rising. Residents in Crown Heights were struggling with the fact that they are only ones who seem to care about the ongoing disaster in Calabria.

One resident who is hoping to provide refuge for a few Calabria Esrogim this spring said:

"The UN continues to look for ways to bash Israel while thousands of Esrogim just die in Calabria".

Some more vocal residents were quite animated when they told Schmaltz News:

"Where are all those people that come to protest when we do Kapporos?! Why are they not standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us to raise awareness about the ongoing conditions for Esrogim in Calabria. They get all angry when we do not show enough vegan tendencies but cannot battle with us for Calabria Esrogim. Do soybeans and tofu need to start dying before vegans take notice of this crisis?"

The mainstream media has not covered the story at all. Schmaltz News will continue to track this story and provide you with details on how much it will cost you to provide refuge to a Calabria Esrog this spring.

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