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Carpool Negotiations At a Standstill

As the new school year breathes ever more heavily down our backs, car pool negotiations are in full swing. It is a time to arrange time to bond with your kids while they and other people's kids make an absolute wreck of your vehicle.

A group of carpool mothers out of Los Angeles have reported that their carpool negotiations have come to a standstill. The standstill is apparently over the fact that there are 3 moms and 5 days, with none of the moms volunteering to take the 4th and the 5th day. The rotational model for days 4 and 5 has been suggested but the confusion is too much to bear on the handwritten note keeper who is trying to draw up the roster.

Having stormed out of negotiations, one mother spoke on condition of anonymity to The Schmaltz News.

"Sara and Leah have 2 kids each and therefore they should be volunteering to take the extra days."

Schmaltz News has confirmed that the above statement was not from Sara or Leah.

Calls to Sara and Leah have gone unanswered but sources close to them have said that they are considering switching schools if they cannot get the carpool schedule to work out.

Drastic measures but every one knows that less is more when it comes to carpool.

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