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Parents Want One More Week of Summer Vacation

Parents are demanding that school boards investigate the length of summer vacation.

Leah Moses on behalf of a united parent body issued the following statement:

"We feel that summer vacation should be an extra week. We feel that our kids have forgotten only 90 per cent of what they have learned in school during the year and an extra week will just totally clean the drive so to speak and allow them to go into school with a clean slate."

Teachers and school administrators seem to agree that one extra week may be the optimal addition onto a summer that is slightly short.

Moses went on to say:

"Pulling hair out and going crazy to find an activity for my bored children is a small price to pay for having our kids go to school with fresh minds".

Not all parents have got behind this push for an extra week of summer vacation.

Sara Saulson who opposed the proposal said:

"We believe kids should go back to school not a minute later than what they already do. This is not a matter of education as some people want to make school about, it is a matter of us as parents being able to reclaim the homes and the things inside that we rightfully own as ours".

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