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Professional Looking Camera Turns Regular Guy Into Photographer

A regular guy has become a photographer. He walked into a store and bought a semi-professional looking camera and it immediately launched him into a career as a photographer.

"I am not sure what every button on my camera does but I know that the big one at the top snaps the picture and that's what's important"

Family have been instructed that they will be the first ones to be used as subjects to grace the portfolio.

Photography experts have said that this phenomenon of a guy or girl getting a camera and then turning into a photographer is not a rare one.

"On average, 90% of people that buy a camera that comes with a strap that goes around the neck will launch a Facebook Page for their photography career the same day", one expert said, "they book clients before they know how to manually manage the flash, most of them just set it to Auto".

For his part the guy who has become a photographer has said that photography was a natural calling.

"I was taking photos with my phone of random stuff that everyone takes pictures of and it came out quite good, so I bought a camera that has a strap to go around my neck and now I am a photographer".

Asked about his pricing, the man replied:

"Well the camera did not come with prices to charge clients but I have been browsing the sites of some well known photographers and I will charge what they charge."

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