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Tisha B'Av Makes Bad Food Pics Look Good

There is not many silver linings to the day of Tisha B'Av but social media experts have found one and they have the scientific data to back it up.

According to analysts of Picture Posts International, people were inclined to show a lot of social media love to some very ordinary or even downright horrid looking social media food posts.

"People seem to be liking and sharing pictures of some really plain or even drab looking food."

Many people who post really pathetic pictures of the food that they are eating have taken advantage of this and are sharing their posts over the 24 hours of Tisha B'Av.

One Instagram food poster known as LookAtMyKosherFood said that she had some posts that had 1 or 2 likes and then she re-shared them over Tisha B'Av and they have many more likes.

The experts at Picture Posts International are not sure why people are more inclined to show love for these posts over Tisha B'Av. They have looked into an old theory that when many Jews are not wearing leather shoes on the same day they become particularly hungry.

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