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Tisha B'Av Poses Netflix Dilemma for Families

Netflix has confirmed that they have been inundated by subscribers requesting increased user access to single accounts for Tisha B'Av.

One municipal board member who is petitioning for Netflix to increase the user amount said:

"It is a bit like relieving parking restrictions over Shabbos and Yom Tov, more people need access to Netflix over Tisha B'Av and expecting them to open an account just for Tisha B'Av is not going to work".

Families have been reporting continued anxiety over who will have access to the family Netflix account and who will be kicked off.

It makes Tisha B'Av a bit like Yom Kippur said one family member:

"who will have access and who will be kicked off, who at the beginning of their show and who at the end, who on the Ipad and who on the PC, who will be entertained and who will be in tears."

Different members of the family have set about ensuring that they have guaranteed access by using some canny tricks.

The father has changed the password but teenage son and daughter have said that the complaining will be so unbearable that he will eventually relinquish the details of the new password. The oldest brother has simply taken out a new trial with a different email address, the father will find out on his credit card statement if his son remembers to cancel.

Netflix for their part have stood firm and said that they will not be relaxing the restrictions.

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