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Imam Says He is Not Not Not Sorry in Full Throated Apology

An Imam who recently called for the "annihilation" of "filthy Jews" sat down with them on Friday to tell them how sorry he was that he was being recorded when he gave the statement.

"I told my video guy to cut it before I started saying that stuff but he just kept on rolling and next thing you know I am a YouTube sensation for all the wrong reasons. I therefore have come here today along to tell all of these fil......harmonic experts and infi......nitely brilliant people that I am not not not sorry for what I said. I am sitting here with some Jews and stuff so obviously I must be completely sorry for what I said. It is not like anyone has ever said anything like this in history and made it have an effect on people to take action. But nevertheless I am here to say sorry that the recording got out there into the hands of people who may have been offended by it."

Some attentive members in the crowd said that he may have had his fingers crossed behind his back when he said the word "sorry".

The media and other easy-to-please people in the room were very happy with this apology and said that they are certain that such a full-throated apology will go a long way to bringing everlasting peace to the Middle East.

"It is precisely apologies like this that will stop the Middle East governments from supporting terror and indoctrinating terror."

Some skeptics have said that they are not sure whether the apology will be effective in light of the serious nature and whole heartedness with which the comments were made. This group has however been marginalized, with parts of the media saying that a small apology after calling to annihilate an entire religion is more than adequate.

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