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Man on Mi Shebeirach List Been Deceased 6 Years

An investigation on Motzei Shabbos to try and alleviate some congestion on the ever lengthening Mi Shebeirach list revealed that one man on the Mi Shebeirach list has been dead for 6 years.

The Rabbi of the shul said that concerned family members can rest assured, that even though he was on the Mi Shebeirach list for sick people, he has also had a "Kel Molei Rachamim" Azkorah made for him during those 6 years.

The Rabbi of the shul confirmed that the man on the list was truly dead when he said:

"I officiated at his funeral and was there for the unveiling of his Matzeivah."

The Gabbai of the shul who was a little more perplexed as to how the deceased man was able to stay on the list for that long, said:

"I could swear that he was given a Kibbud about 3 Yom Kippur's ago and our treasurer surely would have realized that he was dead if he hadn't paid his shul dues in a while."

Shul committee members are showing concern that more deceased people may be on the Mi Shebierach list and they are asking for the Rabbi and Gabboim to be more careful that only people that are still alive should be on the Mi Shebeirach list.

The shul claims that they are being more meticulous in light of this recent event.

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