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Man Gets Phone Call From Calendar Ad

A man has reported getting a phone call from a calendar ad he placed in his synagogue calendar at the beginning of the year.

As is his way with all of his customers, the man asked him how he got the number.

"Some people give a name, or Google or Facebook but this guy actually said that he saw my ad in the synagogue calendar. I never in my wildest dreams thought that anybody calls any of the advertisers in the calendar.

"My next question to the guy who called me was if he was using a rotary dial phone and he said yes!"

Still in a slight state of disbelief, the man added:

"You know, I took the ad to get the Rabbi off my back. It would have been awkward to see him in synagogue over Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur if I didn't take the ad."

The man is still unsure whether the phone call will actually to turn into business but for now he is very glad that people actually dial people that they see on the calendar.

The Rabbi of the synagogue was quick to jump onto social media to use the story to sell more ads for this year's calendar. The rabbi's Facebook post read as follows:

"Jack (name changed for business sake) got a call from an ad he placed in our calendar, it may happen to you too".

The Rabbi said that while some people are skeptical about the business sense of placing ads in the calendar, he always found that on a personal level, the calendar made good business sense.

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