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Kosher Restaurant To Offer Tours of What Other People Are Eating

A kosher restaurant is experimenting with the idea of not having any menus whatsoever.

So, how will people know what to order if there are no menus?

The restaurant plans to give guided tours, along with full explanations of what other people in the restaurant are eating.

Restaurant manager, Jim Yosefi, said:

"You know, we used to see a lot of people eyeballing the waiter as he came out of the kitchen with food. Some people couldn't take their eyes off the food even as it came to other people's table. We had one patron who even stood up to see if he would be salivating as he got closer to the other guy's food. We decided to remove this awkwardness and simply allow people to have tours of what other people are having."

This seems to be a great step for those people that often find themselves indecisive at restaurants. The restaurant has reported that there has been a quicker ordering time in general and less murmurings of "it seems like the people at that table made a much better choice."

The restaurant has said that while patrons are encouraged to stare, sniff and even get a closer look at what other people are eating, it still does not offer a tasting tour of what other people have ordered and are being served.

Yosefi did say that while for the moment a tasting tour would be a little too intrusive, it may be in the offing in the not too distant future.

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