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Family Feud Is Real As Aunt Miriam Leaves Family Whatsapp Chat

What started off as a joke quickly escalated into an all out family feud as an aunt displayed her anger by leaving the family Whatsapp chat. There were no serious alarm bells until the grey box popped up in the chat indicating that the aunt had left. Then everything broke loose as family members who usually just troll around on the group without ever commenting started chatting on the group, asking:

"Why did Aunt Miriam leave?"

The family groups] that was made with selected members who want a private platform to chat about members on the full family group started buzzing with notifications as well. Only here they weren't asking why Aunt Miriam left the family chat but gossiping as to why she should have been booted before she decided to leave on her own volition.

Group Admin, Cousin Moshe, said that he is sure that Aunt Miriam will privately message him asking to rejoin the family group when she needs a contact or recipe. Other group members have been putting pressure on Moshe not to accept her back by saying, once you leave you should be gone for good. Cousin Moshe intends on setting up a tribunal to weigh the pros and cons of letting her back on the chat.

Aunt Miriam for her part stated that she wanted to make sure that everyone would know that she is disgruntled with the family and she said that the clearest way to do this was by leaving the group:

"They won't get any smiley face emojis from me when they post endless pictures of their kids doing nothing special, or smiley faces for the pictures of the food they are fressing or 'lols' and 'hahas' for their jokes that I don't even find funny. You'll see they will miss me."

As most other families go to sleep peacefully tonight, this exiting has left this family in disarray.

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