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Poll: 92% Will Take Two Day Yom Kippur Over 9 Days Without Meat

The 9 days are almost upon us and Schmaltz News has made some startling discoveries in their poll regarding the 9 days.

The most revealing number in the poll was the fact that 92% of Jews observing the "no-meat" policy in the 9 days would take a 2 day Yom Kippur in exchange for not having to forego their carnivorous fix.

The polls revealed that while laundered clothes and showers were a distant third to the most difficult element of the 9 days. The most difficult element by far was not eating meat.

Kosher Instagram sensation, ITakePicturesOfEverythingIEat, spoke to Schmaltz News and said that most frum people love taking pictures of meat that they are going to eat and posting it on Instagram. He added that they can always go back and post throwback pictures but this is not at all the same as posting a new picture. The point being raised that there is more than just the withdrawal from simply eating the meat.

Others taking the poll had other reactions like Moshe from Brooklyn who said:

"I'd rather eat miclchik then go 9 days without meat".

Dinner makers at home also scramble during the 9 days for decent dinner options. The struggle is real, there is only so many times you can serve Greek Salad, baked salmon and omelettes.

Butchers and meat restaurants are not too worried about the halt in meat consumption during the 9 days.

Kosher steak house owner, Fishel Flax said that people will always come in the night before the 9 days and eat meat as if it was their last dinner ever. The income is good for 9 days, people order and eat that much.

"They literally pig out....on beef of course".

It is like Judaism's own survival of the fittest as we see who makes it to the end of 9 days without meat.

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