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Yidden Shocked at Superstars Real Last Names

The 3 weeks is a time of no music. Unless you have consulted your Rabbi or listen to acceptable accapella music. Nevertheless, many frum yidden were shocked to find out the real last names of Jewish superstar singers.

In what was an earth shattering moment many people were gathered together to be told that Mordechai Ben David's last name was actually Werdiger and Avraham Fried's last name is actually Friedman. The hall was dead silent as Nochum Segal made the announcement with the HASC Time For Music theme song playing in the background. People were less shocked to find out that once Jewish superstar Dedi does not actually have a last name.

People streamed out of the hall with a whole range of emotions evident. One man visibly shaken, exited the hall and said:

"I don't know what to say, I feel like a piece of my childhood retroactively went wrong tonight. All those years they introduced Mordechai Ben David and Avraham Fried, it was actually Mordechai Werdiger and Avraham Friedman".

Another commented that while Avraham Fried has a nice ring to it, Benny Friedman seems to have done okay without having to be Benny Fried. He did add that Yeedle should have considered being Yeedle Ben Mordechai Ben David.

Avraham Friedman and Mordechai Werdiger declined comment but it remains to be seen how these two staples of Jewish music will brand themselves here on forward.

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