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Gender Equality Activists Petition Renaming to Yarchei Chosson V'Kallah

Gender equality activists have set their scopes on far more than just income inequality, they have now petitioned a board of Rabbonim to rename the famous gathering of Rabbis, known as Yarchei Kallah to be known as Yarchei Chosson V'Kallah.

A spokesman for the group that submitted the petition said:

"For too long this wonderful event has only been known as Yarchei Kallah, it is time that we bring in the much needed equality and rename the event Yarchei Chosson V'Kallah".

He went on to say:

"All over the world people have embraced terms like 'chairperson', 'doorperson', 'jury foreperson', 'handyperson' and 'salesperson', it is high time we adopted more acceptable phraseology like Yarchei Chosson V'Kallah for this wonderful event.

The Yarchei Kallah committee is likely to dismiss the request as trivial.

Sources have said that it was the same group that petitioned for the song of Keitzad Merakdim to be changed to Keitzad Merakdim Lifnei HaChosson VeHakallah.

Schmaltz News will keep you updated with all the relevant news on this developing story.

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